Tungurahua Tour

Co-founder • Creative development • Art Direction

Digitally inspired clothing

I'm co-founder of Tungurahua: a collective of multidisciplinary creatives created to design experiences to boost creative projects in Mexico. In Tungurahua, I mainly do art and creative direction for a wide variety of areas: social media, video edition, stage design, photography, print design, etc.

Visual concept

Tungurahua is a volcano in Ecuador, which name means Throat of Fire. Ideas, like in a volcano, burn with an inner fire, and when the time comes, they explode into the outer world as projects.

We spit fire, we collaborate and create greater flames, and we want them to light up the world.

The logo

A volcano merged with another volcano, to create a much stronger one. From several fires, we come as one and burst into the same direction. Tungurahua isn't just one person's project: is a group of several ones.

Master art

A floating planet, bursting like a volcano, which shows a treasure inside coming out. I also made an animated version to make this master art more appealing in video application.

Graphic support

We used 4 different colour schemes so we could diversify social media communication. We intended to be classy, yet modern.

Low cost production and maximum impact

Because of this project had a live component, I had to translate our graphic identity to a versatile stage space, in a brand faithful scheme, and it had to be very easy to move around. I designed a simple space consisting on a backdrop of golden streamers, bulbs, red lighting and a custom built neon sign. We knew something like that would help us get into people's social media photos, and made this neon sign a key component of our brand identity.

Social media support

For each city we visited, social media would help us spread the message. We produced simple videos and images to present each of the Tungurahua projects, boost our fanbase, engage with audiences and communicate specific features for each venue we visited.


We took our fist Tungurahua tour to these mexican cities

Tungurahua Projects

The projects on this first Tungurahua tour were: Pinut Brein, Waro, Seven Hives, Zefilia, Bandera, Mueve, Lili Carrillo Joyería and Pehuenche.

Marcelo Tijerina, from Mexican Dubwiser, was our main act to close each Tungurahua party

Several local projects would get added to Tungurahua depending of the venue.

For more information, visit us on Facebook and our official website

Tungurahua is a plattform that we want to
boost more in the near future,
to help creative projects
find new lands to burn up their fire.

Project credits

Creative Direction

Rafael Castillo, Ruben Camacho, Rafael Mesa

Art direction, stage design, photo and video

Rafael Castillo

Tungurahua Crew

Ruben Camacho, Rafael Castillo, Gab Arenzano, Isabel Castillejos, Rafael Zamudio, Carlos Pease