Project Ícaro

Creative development • Art Direction • Web Design • UX/UI
Red Bull
Kansei Lab

A challenge for glory

Project Icaro is an idea we presented to Red Bull while I was working at Kansei Lab late 2013.
In order to communicate Red Bull's product benefits, we proposed a challenge based campaign to test them through games.

The website

To participate in the promotion, users would have to unlock their pass at our official website by scanning a Red Bull can with their webcam or with a photo.

The games

Extremely graphic and abstract games would require users to focus way more on the several challenges designed to test their mental abilities to their maximum. Top scorers would win special prices by Red Bull

Main features

Aeronautics inspired
digital art

Assimetric design inspired by militia graphics with a modern twist

Mental abstract games
to test product benefits

Get help from Red Bull's benefits to focus at this challenge

A social challenge
to find the best

Prove your skills against people around the world

Best scorers throughout the campaign
win a trip to Germany, to experience
their ultimate challenge aboard a war jet
to finish their mission

Project credits

Creative Direction

Victor Castañeda, Rafael Castillo

Art direction and Web Design

Rafael Castillo