Anomaly Visual Fest

Art Direction & Design • Web Design • Branding
Digital Invaders

Branding a new digital festival

I was invited by Digital Invaders to create the image of the Anomaly Visual Fest: a festival supposed to take place later on this year in Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo, México.


We decided to have a heavily influenced glitch art style. Digital Invaders uses a lot of astronaut-invader like graphics, and these kind of images guided the final outcome of the project.


At first, we struggled some time to find what had to be the main image of this festival. Along the different experiments, we started finding things we liked and wanted to keep. Here you can find some master graphic explorations before we decided to have an astronaut.

Key Visual

A glitched graphic-astronaut, explorer of these new depths of digital media


A simple modular, responsive website to showcase conferences and workshops, as well as other information

Project credits

Creative Direction

Mauro Torres, Rafael Castillo

Art direction and Web Design

Mauro Torres, Rafael Castillo

Web development and Programming

Ever Sanchez, Mauro Torres, Rafael Castillo